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E8 table and bench by Mathias Hahn for Clerkenwell Design Week 2013.

He originally designed the E8 table in 2009 but recently released a bench in a similar style – with all surfaces stained bright colours apart from the top, which remains natural.

Produced by German brand Zeitraum, the furniture was on display at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week.

Dream home

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 11.25.22

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 11.25.36

Apartment in Wiesbaden designed by Studio Oink. The owners wanted to go with a Scandinavian look.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 11.25.45

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 11.25.54


Stuff we like

Windworks furniture by Merel Karhof

In 2010, Merel Karhof built her ‘wind knitting factory’, a wind-powered knitting machine with blades of more than a meter in diameter, which used air currents to power the mill–their intensity determining the speed at which it knit: windy conditions saw rapid knitting activity, while less wind saw a slower, more controlled production.

Stuff we like


Parallelepipedus Kovrikus doormat by ArtLebedev

ArtLebedev is a design studio based in Moscow with two other offices in Kiev and New York founded in 1995. The studio creates industrial and graphic design for commercial entities and doesn’t accept work from private citizens and political or religious organizations.

Stuff we like

Terho + tatti lamps by Maija Puoskari

Finnish designer maija puoskari has presented her newest lighting collection at salone satellite 2013.
Influenced by the natural and sympathetic shapes of acorns, the ‘terho’ ceiling lamp series includes two different
sizes and hat variations. The fixtures are manufactured using opal white glass-blown casings and finnish alder.
conceived to complement ‘terho’ , the additional ‘tatti’ table lamps utilize a likewise similar construction,
referencing funghi in their form.


Stuff we like


OMA has collaborated with Knoll on a collection of contemporary interfaces adjusting to the needs of both work and social life. The first elements of this collection are a 11-piece series of furniture – showcased at the Prada F/W 2013 menswear fashion show in milan.


Stuff we like

Babylon suspended garden light fixture by studio O/I

Toronto-based interdisciplinary design studio O/I has created an organic plantable light fixture that combines
mathematical rational. ‘babylon’ is  individually formed out of aluminum, where three separate radii create the
curvature of the suspended garden.

Stuff we like

Merry cloud tape dispenser by Gongdreen.

Korean design studio Gongdreen has created ‘the merry cloud tape dispenser’ to help users stay connected to nature within
the city or in an office environment. formed in the shape of a cloud, the accessory references and creates a rainbow-like
effect when in use. built using recycled ABS plastic, the object comes available in white, sky blue and chrome finishes.


Dream Home


Ro Armchair by Spanish designer Jaime Hayón. Ro means tranquility in Danish. The armchair is available in 9 different fabric colors and various materials.

The designer says: A chair where you can find room for your inner space and take a break from the hectic bustle of everyday life.

ro 2

Stuff we like

Pure shoes

“Pure” Shoes by Jean Nouvel for Ruco Line

Jean Nouvel is a French Architect and with Pure rubber boots, he wanted to reduce footwear to its simplest (purest) form.

With chunky leather soles, lycra lining and calf leather, Pures come in white, black, fluorescent yellow and fuchsia and are sold in translucent plastic bags.

Each pair is unique with the Series name (“NVL PR”) and a serial number.